Catastral Value Alicante City

The Catastral Value modification for 2019

728 cities will be affected by the modification of Catastro, this will affect IBI, Non Resident Tax and Plusvalía.

Catastro is the Departement in charge of give the Catastral Value of the properties, provide the Referencia Catastral, Plans and is charge of the statistics of the properties in Spain.

164 cities will be affected by a rise and the other 449 by a reduction.

The point to find out if your town will be affect by a rise or reduction is to check the year when the Catastro was last revised.

In general, for the cities revised before 2004, it will be a rises. For the cities revised after that year it will be a reduction.

See some of these cities down here.


Algorfa ⬆️ 3%
Almoradi ⬇️ 3%
Villajoyosa ⬇️ 3%


Consell ⬆️ 3%


Antequera ⬇️ 7%
Colmenar ⬇️ 3%
Ronda ⬇️ 3%


Cartagena ⬆️ 3%


Almería ⬇️ 3%
Huercal-Overa ⬇️ 7%
Roquetas del Mar ⬇️ 7%
Vélez Rubio ⬆️ 3%


Gandía ⬆️ 3%
Valencia ⬆️ 3%

If you would like to know any other city, please, feel free to ask me in the comments.


10 thoughts on “The Catastral Value modification for 2019

  1. Hi, Could you tell me if La Tercia village United Golf Resort ( Murcia ) property has been changed? Thanks

  2. Hi
    Would you know the last review date for catastral values in Pajara in Fuerteventura (Las Palmas) please, or if any recent modifications.

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