TIE, the Residency Card after No Deal Brexit

If a hard Brexit happens in the end, if there is a no deal Brexit, United Kingdom will be considered as a 3rd country for Europe.

What does it mean to become a 3rd country?

British people interested in obtaining residency to live or work in Spain will need to apply for the  TIE (for 3rd countries) instead of the Green Card (for European countries).

What is the TIE?

The Foreigner Identity Card (Tarjeta de Identification de Extranjeros) is a unique and exclusive document to provide your legal situation in Spain.

The TIE is personal and nontransferable, and you must keep the document in a safe place.

What are the requirements of TIE?

  1. You must apply in the province you live
  2. Form application EX17 (2 copies)
  3. Original passport and copy
  4. 3 x ID passport sized photos (white background)
  5. Proof of the payment fees (21,44€), tasa 790
  6. VISA
  7. Social Security registration, if applicable
  8. School / University registration, if applicable
  9. Fingerprints
  10. You have 1 month from when your VISA is accepted and you have entered in Spain

To read the original and official article from the Spanish government click here

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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