Newborn Social Security

How to register a baby born in Spain to Social Security?

There are almost 5 Million foreign citizens living in Spain, and many of them have babies here, but not many know how to register their babies into the Spanish Social Security.

In this article everything will be more clear and more simple.

When someone is born in Spain, we must follow 4 steps so we can be sured everything has been done correctly.

  1. Registro Civil. Register the baby onto the Registro Civil, so you can get a Certificado Literal de Nacimiento (birth certificate) of your baby. It can be done in the hospital, by a parent or relative, but it has to be done before the 72nd hour.
    This certificate includes the following information about the baby:

    • Full name
    • Date and Time of birth
    • Sex
    • Parent’s name
    • Reference code
    • Time of registration
  2. Social Security. To register the baby under your name on the Social Security system you need to make an appointment at your closest INSS office and provide the following documents:
    • Birth certificate of your baby
    • Parent’s passport
    • Parent’s NIE
    • Parent’s Residency Card
    • Parent’s Social Security Card (Health Card)
  3. Padron. You need to go to the Town Hall and register the newborn. You will need to provide the birth certificate.
  4. Health Center. Once you have register your baby at the Registro Civil, Social Security and Padron, you will be allowed to register at the Health Center. You have to go to the Health Center that you have been assign to.
    The team at the Health Center will help you fill out the application form and they will assign a Paediatrician Doctor for your baby., but you will also need to provide:

    • Documentation produce by INSS of your baby
    • Baby’s Padron
    • Parent’s Passport
    • Parent’s NIE
    • Parent’s Social Security Card (Health Card)

If you have the intention to leave the country, is highly probably that the INSS officer will ask you for the passport of the newborn.

I suggest you check all the requirements before giving birth for all the different administrations: Registro Civil, Social Security, Town Hall and Health Center.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a comment down here.


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