How to register as Autónomo

For all those entrepreneurs who wish to start their business and be their own bosses, we will explain how to register for Autónomo (self-employed) and the aspects to be taken into account.

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What procedures should I follow?

There are 2 basic blocks that we must take into account to carry out the effective registration of an autónomo person: Seguridad Social & Hacienda (Social Security & Tax Office)

What do they mean?

  1. Registration in Social Security

It means contributing with a system of measures that society provides to its beneficiaries in order to avoid economic-social imbalances in certain situations (illness, accidents, maternity or unemployment, among others).

As a self-employed worker you are responsible for paying the Social Security fee and you have the obligation to pay from the first day.

Your fee to enter will depend on the Contribution Base you choose. The contribution base is the “theoretical salary” that you apply as a self-employed worker and that is set by the government every year, which establishes a minimum and a maximum.

Ie: Administrative – 932,70€ and up to 3.803,70€.

For the minimum base, which is the one chosen by the majority of the Autónomos, including Temporary Disability (IT) and coverage for risk during pregnancy and lactation is 29.90% of 932.70€, that is, a fee of € 278.87 .

At the time of registration, you will define your contribution base and the coverage for which you are trading. Taking into account the new regulation of unemployment of the auónomo, you may be interested in quoting for contingencies of Work Accidents (AT) and Occupational Diseases (EP) and for unemployment, even if it supposes an additional 2.2% contribution.

The registration is made through the TA0521 model of the Social Security and among other, the requested data are: Full Name, Identity Number, Address, Spanish Banking Account and Activity to be developed.


2. The registration in Hacienda

It is the declaration that an activity is being/going to be developed and the registration is requested for future Income Tax and VAT declarations. This registration allows us to issue and receive invoices that will be included in our accounting.

As an autónomo, you are responsible for making the declarations allowed in the stipulated periods, and depending on your activity (work) and where you carry it out, you will have one or the other.

These are the most common Tax Statements: 303, 390, 100, 130, 111, 115, 347, 349.

The application for registration is made through Model 037 of Hacienda, a simplified model of 036 of only 3 pages, which can be used by almost all autónomos, except those under special regimes.

Once we have completed all the basic fields of the model -Full Name, Identity Number and Address-, we must choose the section of the IAE that corresponds with the work you will be doing and fill in the corresponding income and VAT fields.

3. Additional information

We will discuss the registration of the business premises: Registration at the Town Hall, Opening License.

To open a business premises it is necessary to comply with the stipulated requirements. To do this, you should go, generally, to the area of urbanism of your town hall where they will inform you of all the requirements.

Depending on the work that you will be doing you will follow different requirements, and that is that there are 3 types of work:

Innocuous: those that do not generate discomfort, environmental impact or risk to goods or people.
Exempt: those that take place at home when there is no attention to the public or inconvenience to neighbors.
Other: those considered as annoying, unhealthy, harmful and / or dangerous.

Given the level of delay that exists in the town halls to grant these licenses, providing you state that you meet all of the requirements to open, the town hall will grant you the license to start operating immediately, then afterwards someone will go to your business to check that everything is correct.

In the case of needing to carry out reforms in your workplace, you must request the Works License, also in the area of urban planning.

Once the work center is ready, the opening should be communicated in the work department of the Ministry of Employment or Labor of your Autonomous Community.

Do not forget to read the article about the Autonomo Tax Obligations.

If you would like to become Autónomo I suggest you to contact with a specialized Law Firm or Tax Advisor.

2 thoughts on “How to register as Autónomo

    1. Hello Sandy, thanks for your comment.

      No, you don’t.

      If you are not-Resident you need to calculate your profit (incomes – expenses) and submit the statement to the Tax Office every 3 months through the Tax Form 210.

      Hope it helps.

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