Autónomo Tax and Accountancy Obligations

Before registering as an Autónomo and discovering if your business is profitable, it is important to know what are your Tax and Accountancy Obligations with Hacienda.

Let’s see the first part, Tax Obligations:

In Spain there are two types of statements, quarterly and annual. Let’s see each of them:


  • IVA 303 – Every 3 months Hacienda requests that we inform them of the balance of our input VAT. In the case of this being positive, that is, having gained more than what you have paid out, that difference will have to be transferred to Hacienda.

  • Advanced payments of IRPF 130/131 – Depending on the category in which you fall under, whether it be Regimen Directo or Objetivo you are required to pay the corresponding IRPF payments. The model 130 is paid by Regime Directo and 131 Objetivo, this must be paid into Hacienda every 3 months.

  • IRPF Withholdings 111/115 – Each quarter, any tax money that we have withheld from our employees must be paid to Hacienda, through the 111 model, or any withholdings that we have made if we have rented an office will be paid through the model 115.


Each year we will have to present a recapitulative and informative model of:

  • IVA 390

  • IRPF  withholding Model 190

  • Withholdings for rent of offices Model 180

  • It is also important to take into account the model 347 – annual declaration of operations with third parties -, indicating those persons or entities, customers or suppliers, with which in the previous year the set of operations carried out exceeded 3,000 euros.




It is also very important that we keep our Accounting in check, here I will explain the second part:

To do our accountancy properly and to avoid future fines we need to complete the following 4 registration books:

  • The record book of issued invoices:

This is a list of all the invoices that you issue and in which the following information must appear:

  1. Invoice number
  2. Date of issue
  3. Client
  4. Fees
  5. Type and amount of IVA
  6. IRPF withheld (if applicable)
  • The receipt book received:

This is a list of all the invoices that we receive and they must include the aforementioned information.

  • The investment property record book:

This is a book very similar to that of the invoices received but in this case we count the acquired goods which amount exceeds € 300.

  • The expense record book:

This is the last book where you will post the expenses for which you have not been able to obtain an invoice, such as the autonomous fee or a parking ticket. (It is not advisable to abuse a lot of tickets)

If you are starting a business in Spain I suggest you contact a professional and highly experienced Tax & Accounting Advisor to deal with all these matters, the Hacienda fines can be very high.

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