Gas checks SCAM


Many are the burglaries and scams that occur with the excuse and famous tactic of the gas inspector. Here we leave some tricks to know if we are dealing with a scammer.

🔹It is MANDATORY to review:
1️⃣ The boiler once every 2 years.
2️⃣ Installation once every 5 years.

🔹 In PIPED gas:
1️⃣ The company will contact you by letter.
2️⃣ Payments are never made in metal, and will appear on the next invoice you receive.
3️⃣ In case of anomalies, the technician will deliver a report to be delivered to the technical service.

🔹 In BOTTLED gas:
1️⃣ You are in charge of contacting the technician.
2️⃣ The payment will be made at the moment.
3️⃣ If anomalies appear, the technician will give you a quote.

🔺 In all cases, the technician must give you a copy of the inspection report.
🔺 Be wary if someone comes to your house and tells you that your supply will be cut off if you don’t cooperate.
🔺 If you have questions about your technician, contact the gas supplier and provide the information that appears on your bill.
🔺 Each comunidad autónoma sets a maximum price to charge for inspections, check yours at the town hall.

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