Still free camping in Comunidad Valenciana?


🔹 As the last Decree 6/2015, the new Decree 10/2021 identifies that, for the purposes of protecting and safeguarding existing natural and environmental resources, free CAMPING may not take place under this rule from 8th of May of 2021.

🔹 The text of the new decree uses the word “install”, which raises many doubts about the intention of this article, although we are concerned that, in the worst case, it could be interpreted that if a motorhome remains parked outside the spaces authorized to do so, with a clear intention of spending the night, would be “CAMPED”, which would be a punishable act.

🔹 Although many of us believe that it is a limitation to the “Development of the Tourist Accommodation Activity”, outside of the places enabled for it, so that users would not be subject in any case to what is indicated in this Decree 👏👏

🔹 In addition, the General Traffic Regulations (Instruction 08 / V-74) clearly indicates that, as long as a vehicle is properly parked, the fact that its occupants are inside is not relevant.

🔸 We will know a bit more in the coming days.

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