Lidia Bulls on the roads of Spain


🔹 Have you ever wondered why there are Lidia Bulls along the roads?

🔸 The Osborne bull is the silhouette of a fighting bull, approximately fourteen meters high, originally conceived as a large roadside billboard to promote the Osborne Group’s Veterano Jerez brandy.

🔸 Although the initial function was advertising, with the passing of time and cultural roots it has become, going beyond the limits of the commercial brand of this company, a cultural symbol of Spain.

🔸 In 1958 is when the first fences made of wood began to be installed, which only measured 4 meters, unlike the current ones that are metallic and measure the 14 meters mentioned above.

🔸 Today there are 91 left. Andalusia (24), Castilla León (14), Castilla – La Mancha (13) and the Valencian Community (11) are the communities with the most samples.

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