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Rejection of TIE – No Health Insurance

We have been reading and receiving many messages about British citizens having their TIE application rejected because they didn’t get the Health Insurance before 1st of January 2021.

Has this been advised before the deadline?

First thing to say and the most important is that, you had to have everything in place to meet the residencia requirements before 31st December of 2020, including health insurance (No EHIC or Travel Insurance).

I read that I have only proof I was in Spain before 1st of July

The EU Commission document of February says:

“It was enough to have resided lawfully in the host EU state on 31 December 2020. Even if a United Kingdom national did not reside in the EU host State for any given period of time before 31 December – arriving on that day was enough.

To be able to stay, United Kingdom nationals and their family members had to also continue to reside lawfully after the end of the transition period. The substantive conditions of residence under the Withdrawal Agreement are essentially the same as those under EU law on free movement.”

Some people has understood this extract of the document as you don’t really need the paperwork done before the 1st of January of 2021 -just live here-, but the Spanish government says that if you were planning to become resident in Spain you should have applied for it before the end of the year.

We would also like to say that this is not happening in every single Foreign Office and some of them are accepting the Health Insurance dated on 2021.

We have seen some rejections already, make sure all the paperwork is correct getting the advise of a reputable Agency / Asesoría / Gestoría and no the cheapest one.

Good luck to everyone

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