Non Resident Tax

Non Resident Tax

According with the Spanish Law, non-resident citizens, who own properties located in Spanish territory, need to file annual non-resident tax .

Even if I do not rent out my property?

Yes, even if you do not rent your property. (Tourist Rental Incomes – Click in here to read the post)

Is this only for Non-Spanish people?

No, anyone in Spain who owns a property and it does not constitute as their main residency must be taxed for their property, but resident individuals do it through the Tax Form 100 and Non-Residents through the Tax Form 210.


How should I calculate my Tax Return?

In general, for Non-Residents, the procedure for calculating the tax is as follows:

Catastral Property Value x 1.1% (if the property has been revised in the previous 10 periods) or 2% x 19% (for residents of the EU, Iceland and Norway) or 24% (residents of rest of world). The tax return must be submitted every year.

What about if I own the property with someone else?

If a property is owned by more than one person, each individual must file a non-resident tax return for the percentage owned.

Venice, Los Angeles, United States
Venice, Los Angeles, United States


What shall I do if I have never submitted a Non-Resident Tax?

It is not unusual to find individuals who have never submitted a Tax Return. In that case, The statute of limitation in Spain is 4 years.

It is important to be very well advised when you purchase a property in Spanish territory. I advise you to find a good law firm and keep abreast of your tax obligations, the Tax Agency could impose very high fines or even seize your properties for non-payments.

10 thoughts on “Non Resident Tax

    1. Hello Lisa, thanks for your message, unfortunately we do not have an office, we offer online advice. Do you any questions about the Non Resident Tax?

  1. As a non resident of Spain living in Australia. I pay through a gestor in Valencia annual taxes for the property. Now we rent it out to a local long term How much tax would I pay if they were paying 550 euros/month?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi i live in spain and do not own a property also i dont have residencia yet .. am i liable for a non resident tax ?

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